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Guess What Day It Is: Week 3

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Dear Friends,

Seeing The Light!

A closed-for-the-season ferry brought me to this weeks unexpected and previously unexplored destination…usually heading to Mackinac Island, I cross Lake Michigan from Manatowoc on the SS Badger Ferry to Ludington, MI. Many of you have taken this ferry with me on our tours over the years. But, this being the year that it is, the ferry stopped its service early.

And this is how I ended up discovering Scenic Hwy 2 – a shore-hugging drive winding it’s way past quaint lakeside towns with picture-perfect views. Today, with autumn leaves approaching peak color the drive could not be more delightful. Along this route I stumbled on Kitch-iti-kipi, Michigan’s most famous natural spring, Oscada, the true birthplace of Paul Bunyan, Hiawatha National Forest – and read Longfellow’s poem for the first time.

Along the way I heard of a must-see lighthouse in Menominee, MI. It turns out to be a most impressive city as well. Making my way through town to the lakeshore I drove historic Main Street and discovered it’s unique architectural heritage with Spies Public Library, which on first glance I thought was a Carnegie, Grand 1902 Opera House, Victorian style railroad depot and charming homes. Menominee has been gentrified. It looks like a fine place to live. But, I was eager to see the “Crown Jewel” of Menominee – the North Pier Lighthouse. The first light was built in 1877. The current tower was built in 1927 and has been shifted and changed over the years. It is a blustery day, the waves spreading across the jetty as I walk the pier give the impression of walking on water! There are several markers on the pier that say where the lighthouse used to sit… it’s been moved/extended three times! From the base of the lighthouse the view is extraordinary – I could see Door County, WI – the view is also hypnotic and I would have stayed far longer if it hadn’t been so cold. But, cold it was – too cold even to linger hunting for the sea glass treasure they claim is hidden along the shore – next time, we will all look for it together.

Missing you, stay safe.

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