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Guess What Day It Is: Week 4

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Dear Friends,

This is one of those rare postcard-perfect drives we always hope for on tour and I so wish you were here with me. I pass a couple driving a sporty convertible with one of those Go-Cams mounted on the top of the windshield and wish I had thought of that so you could see for yourselves.

Lighthouses, epic views, water stretching for miles and the yellows, oranges, reds of fall leaves brighten my path. After years of traipsing about the east coast in search of the perfect “leaf peeping” tour imagine my surprise to stumble upon the best fall color I have ever seen – in Michigan. I am oohing, aahing and literally hear myself say “this is stunning” every few minutes. I feel a tinge of anticipation for what I will see around the next bend. My first stop is beautiful Harbor Springs – a hidden gem, it sparkles on the edge of Lake Michigan within a harbor on a bay. It is a ridiculously charming town where time catches it breath but at the same time has that sophisticated Hampton vibe. Obviously well loved by those lucky enough to call it home. Leaving Harbor Springs behind the highway grows graceful and curves into country roads. Past gentle slopes with horses grazing and forests that stretch for days I come to the Tunnel of Trees – a roughly 30-mile ramble down one of Americas most beautiful drives. The narrow M119 road meanders alongside Lake Michigan, but since the leaves are so dense, I only get peeps of the blue water from a select few overlooks. After passing through remote Cross Village – with a giant white cross on the bluff overlooking the lake, home of the quirky Leg’s Inn, a kitschy, rustic stone structure like something you might see in fairy tale, I arrive in the tiny hamlet of Good Hart. Seriously it is tiny. The downtown only has three businesses. The Good Hart General Store has been a gathering spot for the people of Good Hart since the 1930’s and is totally authentic. It’s the town’s grocery store, bakery, real estate office and post office plus is famous for Chicken Pot pies – I leave with two for my freezer. The day ends in Mackinaw City, just a ferry ride from Mackinac Island, one of my most favorite places of all time.

Autumn sweeps through Michigan landscapes in color you must see for yourself – it is the perfect place for us to visit on a fall tour.

Missing you, stay safe.

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